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Inspired and hopefully inspiring "visionary" artist doing the "VJ" thing. The pixels have become my paints, and my brushes now switches, crossfaders and dials because I feel I can express a lot more using this medium in a more time efficient manor. I am interested in making various kinds of art. Primarily I am interested in creating very complex and twisted video with shamanic and magical undertones that will melt your mind. I do this in a variety of programs. I use my eye to develop visual renderings of the different realms and states of the human mind, and at least my own soul. These renderings are composed of the symbolic interaction of "form constants". This term comes from neuroscience done regarding the geometry, symmetry and functional architecture of the visual cortex. It is a kind of topological map which amounts to lattices, complex geometrical objects, icons, sigils and symbols from different religious, mystical and magical traditions. What inspires me is the juxtaposition of these archetypes. When they are transposed and bounced off of each other in certain ways, they can create different energetic frequencies and evoke different archetypal processes in the mind of the viewer. I am interested in captivating my own mind with transcendent art and fiercely beautiful images. If I can captivate other peoples minds in the process of blowing my own than I guess that is truly what art should be about.


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