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For years the demands of guests have been rising, when it comes to different events.
This has led to a basic change in the conceptual design and presentation of every single music- or corporate-event. Today, a good line-up won’t suffice if the atmosphere complies with a beer-tent.
Thus, especially visual artists are getting further into focus. They arrange the perfect frame and accompany the music with their impressive luminaries.

One of the leading German Visual Artists is Daniel Dosch aka VJ Tenner.

For over 10 years he has been active by now, beginning in the metropolitan area of Rhine-Necker, Germany, now successfully booked in all over Europe.

His trademark is the usage of real-content, which is exclusively created in his own studio and which keeps coming unique projections. Acts like Laserkraft 3D and Kris Menace were so amazed by his ideas, they’ve entrusted the whole visual conception for their gigs to his safekeeping, and Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner, Boys Noize, Moonbootica, Gus Gus and many others have been on stage with him, too.

In addition, for a long time he has been a resident-VJ at Neuraum and P1 in Munich, has shown his profession at the Nature One Festival and at the Sea Of Love Festival several times, was booked for many events by radiostations Das Ding, bigFM and sunshine Live, has worked for 5 Gum Walls Alive Tour and Marlboro Break Free Tour and has played at Aftershowparties for Audi Germany AG and many other internationally known companies.

Due to his success he founded his own company, DoschART, in which he specializes in Mapping, Visual Conception and Photography.

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