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I have been interested and involved as a Visual Artist/Visual Jockey for for many years starting with an interest in Photography. I have been providing Enhanced Environment/Graphic Visuals for all kinds of events from large Festivals in the UK and Europe such as Glastonbury, Glade and Cologne Commons to Club Nights, Bands/Gigs, Art Exhibitions and Seminars.

Having access to my own equipment I can design and build to any desired event specification. I carry full Liability Insurance and can work in any environment in a professional manner.
Along with the installation and running of video I can create ‘Custom Graphics’ for specific events, Bands or Dj’s which can be mixed live during a show/event.

As well as custom Graphics I have worked closely with music producers and Dj’s from around the world creating visual for their music tracks. They are released through Netlabels (rec72.net).

In addition to the live shows and events I have worked closely with people in my Local Community and with Youth Organisations to hold workshops/courses in Digital Media/Visual Arts.

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