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South Australia

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I am an amateur film maker, based in Adelaide, South Australia. I use simple equipment to capture and tell stories about my home town, my hobbies and my travels both domestic and abroad. I am also becoming more interested in making short fictional films and if given the opportunity would love to attempt a music video or two.

My principle interests in film making are shooting, directing and mostly editing. These are all aspects of film making that I am constantly seeking to learn more about. I always welcome constructive feedback and tips on things I can improve. I also recognise that what one person likes another will dislike. Feedback is often a subjective thing and hence it is interesting to me to see a range of views about films I make and to understand the different points of view that people take from them.

I also believe strongly that amateur film making is all about community, both from the audience and collaboration/inspiration perspective. To this end I try to foster this in a small way through being the curator of several groups and channels here on Vimeo:

My home - "Australia in HD" a collection of people and films made about and in Australia mostly by Australian film makers, both professional and amateur:

Project Horus "Near Space" Balloon Flights - a high altitude balloon project I am involved with here in South Australia:

My Tour of Alaska - a web series from my travels to this fascinating part of the planet:

My Tour of the American Southwest - "The Grand Circle" of national parks in Arizona and Utah:

Finally, I share a lot of my films from well finished works to short experiments open for comments. If you would like a sample of my more finished/polished works, please visit my Favourite 30 channel:

Looking forward to seeing you on the Vimeo!

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