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  1. World,Nature HD & Art in Vimeo

    by Annie joined

    10.1K Videos 1,063 Members

    World,Nature,HD,Artworks,Music Videos, Creation,Film,photos,songs,instruments, inspiration,Animation,Education,Travel, Events,loves, life,everyday.Creation of my friends. Welcome to this Group. Here…

  2. iPhone Popup Film Festival

    by Tony Myers joined

    65 Videos 106 Members

    The iPhone Popup Film Festival is the festival in your pocket and strictly no red carpet. Bring your film on your iOS device and it's showtime. Alternatively, please submit your film to be included…

  3. HYBRID Community micro 4/3, NX, NEX...

    by Jean Marc ROCFORT joined

    6,068 Videos 1,303 Members

    This group is all about the Hybrid cameras : Panasonic Lumix : Micro 4/3, G, GF, GX, GH ... Olympus : PEN E-P, E-PL, E-M ... Samsung : NX ... Sony : NEX, Alpha ... Nikon : 1 ...

  4. Sugar Frosted 5x5s

    by Leif Enger joined

    27 Videos 25 Members

    Of course there’s no call for another 5x5 group, not with Blake Whitman’s excellent “5 Vignettes,” Maria Bowskill’s “5x5 fanatics” and other groups filling…

  5. One Small Window

    by ABC Open joined

    440 Videos 314 Members

    One Small Window is project which invites you to make a short video, recorded in one shot that details a moment in life. Submit a raw video between 30 and 60 seconds and tell the story behind these…

  6. Bloom's Weekend Challenges 2012: The sequence

    by Philip Bloom joined

    70 Videos 200 Members

    The sequence. So simple. So important. So easy to make dull or just plain screw up. Here is the challenge. Take an action, a process or something similar. For example brushing your teeth or making…

  7. We Are All Made Of Stars

    by Jason Chen joined

    1,491 Videos 1,127 Members

    Time-lapse photography of the night sky.

  8. The RAW Timelapse Tutorial: Paying it Forward

    by Preston Kanak joined

    450 Videos 1,834 Members

    INTRODUCTION The expression “pay it forward” is used to describe the concept of asking that a good deed be repaid to others. It is the belief that by doing good, everyone will benefit.…

  9. Timelapse Videos

    by Timewarp joined

    2,811 Videos 3,094 Members

    This VIMEO Group is dedicated to Timelapse lovers. All best videos are gathered by category in Group albums : http://vimeo.com/groups/timelapsevideos/album/3101 PLEASE, READ CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING…


    by Gabriel Martinez joined

    29 Videos 14 Members

  11. AutomotiveHD

    by CoPa85 joined

    9,257 Videos 2,830 Members

    If you enjoy the sound of loud exhaust and burning rubber of American muscle. The whistle of a turbo engine spooling up, or the class and distinction of European engineering. This is a place for…

  12. Good, True & Beautiful

    by Uwe Lansing joined

    2,895 Videos 6,208 Members

    Whatever is good, true and beautiful - this is the room to show it...

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