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Vlad Feier is a Romanian director and producer, based in Los
Though he is only in his late 20s, Vlad Feier managed to have a complex
and diverse career, that as different as it seems, that important it is for the
entertainment and filmmaking industry altogether.
Vlad discovered his passion for filmmaking at an early age, so after
finishing high school, getting a degree in Filmmaking came natural. He
graduated one of the most respected and well-known private Universities in
Romania, owned by the most powerful media corporation
in Europe, part of Warner Bros. Since his softmore year, Vlad experimented
in different fields of the creative filmmaking, from directing to writing and producing. After
graduation, he starts working with big advertising companies and music labels such as David Ogilvy or Media Pro Music.
At the same time, Vlad worked on personal projects, writing and directing
shorts, looking for a personal style.
After a few years, when he absorbed all the knowledge he could get from
the European market, Vlad decided to take his education and passion to
the next level and came to Los Angeles, pursuing a Master in Fine Arts in
His first project made in the heart of Hollywood, a short
entitled “The Intruder” was immediately selected to the Cannes Film
Festival in 2011, in the Court Metrage section. From that point on, new opportunities were opened to the
young filmmaker.That experience offered him the means and connections
to keep doing what he likes best, creating and directing commercials and
music videos, only as an intermediate step to the feature industry.
Vlad Feier will make his feature directorial debut with “The Last Trip”, early
next year. He is currently developing more projects with One Star
Entertainment, Inc.

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