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Vladislava Sarkany (Plancikova) was raised in a small Hungarian village in southern Slovakia. Driven by her interest in stories, history and social context of the people, she enrolled in the Department of Journalism of the Commenius University and achieved her Bachelor’s Degree. She then started Documentary Filmmaking at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava.

During her study, she has directed several remarkable student films and the ones shown at the European film festivals are : A. Kraus (2010) - Trieste Film Festival ( Eastweek Project - New Talents, Great Masters), Papa (2008) - Festival Early Melons Bratislava and Nasiel by som cvrcka v trave (2009) ( If I Found a Bug In Grass) - Film Festival DOCS, Acko Student Film Festival, nominated best student documentary film.

Apart from her student films she has worked as a director for Slovak National Television (STV) on several projects such as the documentary series Children about children (2011), Fetiches of socialism (2014)... and the publicistic series Roads of Hope (2011-...). She has also worked for other production companies and charity organisations and directed Uspavanie (2010, Oz Navrat). Her focus is mainly on social documentary filmmaking and art projects.

Her feature-length documentary debut Felvidek - Cauht in between (Felvidék - Horná zem) had premiere at Febiofest 2014 in Bratislava.

Recently she is working on feature-length documentary : Black & White Magic.

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