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As a New Media artist I seek to understand and manipulate the aesthetics, semiotics, and narratives of various time-based media. This work often takes the form of traditional musical composition, real-time interactive audio/video performance, multimedia installation and networked experience.

My eco-conscious artwork began in 1995 with the sarcastic and somewhat cynical film "You Cannot Survive the End of the World." Since then this work investigates the relationship between environmental issues and new technology - specifically, the cultural integration of new technology and the increasing desire for technology to solve the culminating problems of overpopulation, pollution, global warming, etc. This artwork attempts to reveal contemporary ecological philosophy, instigate conversations about energy use, and create new eco-technological mythologies. Through hacking solar powered LED lawn lamps, authoring data visualization software, and dreaming of ways to carbon neutrally power my plethora of electronic gadgets, I am developing a fluency of ecological technologies.

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