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ExisT is a non-profit association founded by a group of youth person after the European Voluntary Service: an long-term experience of volunteering abroad.

ExisT involve youth interested in Europe, mobility, integration, solidarity and voluntarism.
ExisT is a meeting place and a springboard for those who, after the European Voluntary Service, they still want to take action and get involved in their local community.

The main objectives of ExisT are:

promote the European Voluntary Service and give support to the past, future and current volunteers;
reinvest in the community the skills acquired during the period of voluntary activity abroad;
stimulate the active participation of young people and the European citizenship;
encourage mobility and information for young people;

To achieve its objectives ExisT adopt the methods of the Youth In Action Programme: peer to peer education and non-formal learning.

ExisT is the Italian National Structure of the Former European Volunteers (Ex Vol Structure), a title awarded by the Italian Ministry of Youth and confirmed by the European Commission (EACEA). ExisT is an active member of NEVA, the Network of European Voluntary Association.

ExisT count members both in Italy and in Europe because after the EVS experience, often they have chosen to stay in the country that welcomed them or simply because they continue to engage youth mobility with the European spirit.

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