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While on one of those infamous day dreams that I so often have. I stumbled across an intriguing thought. A thought that was conjured up while consuming a large amount of pepperoni pizza and watching an old Twilight Zone episode "The After Hours." While watching this episode I noticed how enthralled I was by the story, a story that I'm sure every human being who has visited a department store has had. What if mannequins could walk, talk, move and think? I was so moved by this notion of living mannequins that I began to write a similar story, but instead of a department store, my story took place in an old abandoned junk yard. Instead of mannequins I used flesh eating vampires. I noticed how much I enjoyed writing fictional stories. Low and behold a screenwriter was born!

I have been writing scripts for the last two years and just recently got into the wonderful world of cinematography. Their is just something about composing and arranging shots that makes my heart skip a beat. As corny as that may sound it is the honest truth.


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