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My name is Victoria Velazquez; I am currently a film student at Full Sail University located in Winter Park, Fl. I am a passionate filmmaker who loves nothing more then creating film and being on set. I am an inspiring Cinematographer. I will learn, work and gain as much experience as I can to become my dream.


  1. Colorist Creative
  2. Hector M. Sanchez Jr.
  3. Kenneth Rice
  4. Lindsay Young
  5. Kevin O'Neill
  6. Matt Nelson
  7. Devon McNeal
  8. Jeff Komarow
  9. Sean Scannell
  10. Jose Cassella
  11. Daniel Bartz
  12. Addison Jeffries
  13. Sharon Reed
  14. Michael Frye
  15. Riley Fearon
  16. Ricardo Ramos

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  1. Nothing 'fun' about suicide. Not at all. My daughter is fighting to stay alive. Too bad this was the subject.