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Retired electronics engineer who early on worked as a research engineer for the Atomic Energy Commission. Helped identify EMP (Electromagnetic Pulses) circa 1960. Worked on above Top Secret projects. Departed to start companies selling EMP shielding products. My name appears on numerous patents including one I apologize for - "instant lock-on radar. It was for aircraft and weather but was quickly adopted by police radar companies. Instead of up to two minutes to obtain an accurate(?( reading it changed to instantaneous. If you've ever received a speeding ticket - my fault. Appear as expert witness to describe the VERY rare way my invention can give a false reading. Sometimes juries buy it feeling sorry for the defendant. But it is 99.9999% fool proof. w0tm are my amateur radio call letters. Only do serious instructional, education, political, etc. type videos. No comedies - sorry. Feel free to write - after 45 years working in almost all fields of science people say my knowledge is a mile wide and an inch thick. I know a LOT about only a few things (ie EMP) but know at least something about almost anything scientific (from astronomy to zoology). I read over 100 professional magazines a month (used to teach speed reading). Currently involved in peaceful survival from all potential dangers I can think of infinitedangers.com (the book I wrote).


  1. Robert Gutbrod