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  1. 28:35

    1 Peace Journalism: Communicating for peace

    by WACCglobal

    4 Videos

    • Interview: Communication for Peace Jake Lynch (Peace Journalist, Australia): "There are many ways of reporting conflicts. In some cases you can …create ways for society to consider…

  2. 10:15

    2 Telling the Story: Speaking for peace

    by WACCglobal

    4 Videos

    • Interview: Storytelling as Empowerment Ruth Ojimbo-Ochieng (Women's' Rights Advocate, Uganda): "We've seen many communities in Uganda, Liberia, Southern Sudan starting…

  3. 40:37

    3 Media and Gender Justice: Seeing for peace

    by WACCglobal

    6 Videos

    • Interview: Media and Gender Justice Joanne Sandler (Deputy Executive Director, UNIFEM, USA): "You can't be what you can't see." (8 min) • Interview: Why Gender…

  4. 25:25

    4 Communication Rights: Listening for peace

    by WACCglobal

    5 Videos

    • Interview: What are Communication Rights Cees Hamelink (Communications Consultant, The Netherlands): "The freedom to express your opinions…that's a basic human right."…

  5. 00:00


    by WACCglobal

    WACCTalks is a new section where we shall post short video clips on key themes related to communication rights intended as discussion starters or to be part of more in depth presentations. WACC's…

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