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Vancouver, BC

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Born in San Diego, California.
I am very passionate about Visual arts: 3D, motion graphics, film, photography, industrial design, etc. And I would also like to mention my second greatest passion, music.

I been studying at art courses in Mexico and Vancouver. Most importantly I took Photoshop, illustrator and Maya workshops in 2010 at a studio/school called Boxel Workshops. On 2011 I went Vancouver Film School to graduate at the 3D animation and visual effects program where I specialized at Modeling.

Currently, I am interested in working for the VFX/Commercials industry.
Seeking always for interesting projects in a wide range of styles to work on. Spending my free time learning more about the techniques of this industry.

I visualize myself as a Generalist in the future, whereas I am working my portfolio as a modeler and lighter to fully specialize myself primarily in some specific abilities.

Check my work in the site and let me know if there is something I can help you with.

Waldo Walle

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