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Adelaide, South Australia

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Hello, my name is Wal. I live in the picturesque Adelaide Hills with my lovely wife, Jan, and our big white dog. We have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren. In the early 1990's, Jan and I developed a method of spiritual growth, spiritual transformation, and spiritual enlightenment called `Celestial Transformation'. And so we began a business, `Personal Transformation', to assist others in achieving their spiritual goals. Celestial Transformation takes you beyond spiritual to divine, and then beyond that. We explain this in our books, `The Path To Divinity' and `Words of Power, Resonance for the Golden Age'. We subsequently added several other techniques to our work to provide a more holistic experience for our clients. When people call me a `Complementary Therapist', they mean many things, including: Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, Spiritual Specialist, Human Change Catalyst, Earth Healer, EFT Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner, and Kinesiologist. Now that Jan and I are spiritually awakened, we can catalyze spiritual awakening in you, enabling you to realize who you truly are, and awakening the heart center, the pink lotus of the heart, the jewel in the lotus, om mani padme hum, enabling you to achieve heart centered, limitless enlightenment.

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