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Our mission is to inspire individuals to become global citizens…
by taking an active interest in the world around them. We hope to achieve this goal by providing unforgettable programs filled with challenging and enriching adventures.

We have found that our most rewarding travel experiences have been as active members of a community rather than tourists. For this reason, Walking Tree specializes in programs based in communities around the world that we know and trust. This approach allows us to focus all of our energy and expertise on providing the safest, most dynamic experience possible. Our programs are designed for a proactive, select group of travelers who are not looking for the typical tourist trip but rather an opportunity to interact with another culture while forming relationships that can continue long after the return home.

Walking Tree programs incorporate cultural and language immersion, community service, and adventure to enable travelers to see themselves, another culture, and the world in a new and exciting light. Our programs combine living in local communities, significant service projects, cultural activities, education, and excursions to our host countries’ best destinations. We encourage you to spend time abroad with us, opening your heart and mind to an experience that you will never forget.

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