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Wallaby Way is the creative passion of Sydney-based Art Director and Filmmaker, Vincent Rommelaere. Embracing the evolution of the video and film industry, Wallaby Way offer its clients film clips and video content for events and festivals, brand awareness, travel and tourism videos, corporate networking – plus much more – all in a fun, unique, creative and superbly produced product.

Of Wallaby Way, Vincent says its aim "is to be at the forefront of the videography revolution as companies look to communicate, promote and circulate their products and brands in the environment of new media. Working in the new and evolving DSLR technology, which will make our videos beautiful and cinematic, Wallaby Way creates videos to be used on a variety of platforms from internal branding to global, viral networking".

Since its founding, Wallaby Way has produced a broad variety of videos and films - documenting events; creating special event promotional reels; corporate communications; innovative instructional videos; and even producing an online TV series!

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