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With over 25 years of video and film production, Wallace Braud, brings a wide array of experience to any media production assignment, having shot, produced, and edited programming ranging from entertainment to corporate identity across the U.S. and in many countries overseas.

Even while working on his degree in Broadcast Communications, he began his career as an associate producer at the PBS affiliate owned by the University of Houston. After graduation he became the V.P. of Production for the Episcopal Radio & TV Foundation (now Episcopal Media Center) in Atlanta, GA. Through contacts there, Wallace then spent 5 years as Director of Media Production for Habitat for Humanity International. Since the late 80’s, home has been Chattanooga, where he managed the creative departments for three production companies and now works as a freelance director cameraman working for the networks and many large and small U.S. based corporations. Braud’s work spans the gamut from drama to documentary and just about everything in between; including projects which have garnered about a number local and national awards for directing and editing. Most recently Braud has worked as a consultant / trainer for large Media Asset Management systems for NBC and Bravepoint.

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