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Trinidad & Tobago

Director Walt Lovelace began his career as a cameraman and editor with the pioneering video production company Banyan back in 1983, cutting his teeth on groundbreaking projects such as the cultural series Gayelle. He shot and directed his first music video in 1989, leaving Trinidad shortly after to spend a year in New York, where he worked as a second unit cameraman.

On returning to Trinidad he co-founded Earth TV, under whose banner he directed productions such as the environmental series Ecowatch. There, he started forging a career as one of the region’s top cameraman/directors, becoming known especially for his technically accomplished and visually innovative work in music videos for groups such as 3 Canal, which often mixed film and video.

Lovelace has also been associated with the television sports magazine Caribbean Sports Digest, whose early visual style he was responsible for developing. In 2001 Lovelace co-founded another company, Big Fish In A Blue Bottle. With this company he shot commercials for a number of leading advertising agencies in Trinidad and the Caribbean.

2004 saw Lovelace being the director of photography/editor on his first feature “Joebell and America” a family project. Directed by his sister and based on a short story written by his father Caribbean novelist Earl Lovelace. Lovelace has shot and directed documentaries throughout the Caribbean region and also in the US, UK, Austria, Mexico and Turkey.

He is currently freelancing and working on developing other projects for local television and beyond.