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Wanderlustproject Films is a film production company that collaborates with other artists and filmmakers to produce feature documentaries and narratives, short films, audio-visual projects, and music videos. Wanderlustproject Films has produced and shot feature films globally including in the Philippines, in Mumbai, India, in Bordeaux, France, in Jacó, Costa Rica, and in some parts of California, USA.

Our stories are born out of our travels and experiences with global landscapes and communities and are expressed to celebrate and highlight humanity — its contradictions, similarities, flaws, complex nuances, and beauty.

We at Wanderlustproject Films are perpetually drawn to the affecting magic of traveling through cinema.

For inquiries, comments, and/or project proposals and collaborations, please email us at wanderlustprojectfilms2001@gmail.com. We could assist you in making your film/video project happen.

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