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Ryan Warden is an acting student at the University of British Columbia. He has always been fascinated with the art of storytelling, in all its forms, whether it be on the stage, through the lens of a camera, or on a sheet of paper.

The son of a flight attendant, Ryan has been traveling the world ever since he was a few months old and the taste for global discovery has never quite gone away. Having been brought up by parents of different ethnicities in a city of constant transition (Hong Kong), he’s never ever felt settled.

For him home is a journey rather than a place. He feels most comfortable on a plane, train, boat, bus, bicycle, or on foot, as long as he’s going somewhere. Where is irrelevant. In every corner of the earth there is a story to be told, and he hopes to do that story justice through the lens of his camera.

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  1. Amazing attention to detail! You can really feel the love and passion that went into this. Bravo to the whole production team!