Warren Dent

Boston, MA

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I'm a freelance content curator and writer for websites that showcase industry leading examples of motion design, animation, film, special effects and sound design.

When I find compelling work I look at an artist's broader portfolio, thus allowing me to grasp the complete context of a particular piece. Where appropriate I place the work in a historical context, I reference possible influences, and I draw parallels between artists, industries, and cultures.

I spent over a decade in the design industry where I was awarded an Emmy by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.


  1. Charles Vuolo
  2. Greg Allen Lang
  3. Juice
  4. Mickael Le Goff
  5. SOLID
  6. Gordon Spurs
  7. 3DAR
  8. Aardman Nathan Love
  9. Michael Fragstein
  10. Gang Films
  11. Atomic Fiction
  12. Trunk Animation
  13. Nima Nabili Rad
  14. Le Cube
  15. Christian Stangl
  17. Oddfellows
  18. Greg Barth

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