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Watchful eye follows the events unfolding on the Aylesbury Estate as the residents struggle to keep their homes. Against social cleansing, against gentrification, for social housing for all. We watch, we listen, we support. Refuse, resist, repopulate.

Please find out more about the struggle against the demolition of the Aylesbury Estate, and against the demolition of council housing in the UK here:


FocusE15, they often share Aylesbury news.

Sign and share the online petition here:

If you are a journalist, academic, researcher or professional practitioner of any sort, feel free to use this page and the links you find here for research and for quotes. Remember that this work, and the work on the many other websites that fight gentrification, is work is done for free by a committed group of unpaid people. Always remember to quote these sources and consider giving back a little something if you are using the materials a lot in your professional life. For example we appreciate being sent links to articles and papers that reference our work; also consider donating some money to keep projects such as this one alive. Leave a comment and we'll get back to you in private if you wish to do so.


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