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Marco Carvalho is a television, film, and commercial writer/director based in Los Angeles and represented in Brazil by Estação Filmes. - focused on comedy.

Marco was born in São Paulo, Brazil in the 1980s and started to work very early as an Art Director for print advertising. For more than nine years he developed this skill, three of which he was the Creative Director, working for some of the most important communication groups in the world, such as McCann Erickson and Publicis Groupè. He has a bachelor’s degree in advertising from ESPM (Marketing School).

In 2007, Marco moved to Los Angeles to study film directing at UCLA, where he lived for four years, shooting several short films. In 2010, after his graduation, Marco moved back to his home country, invited by Capsula Filmes, where he was Head of the Content Department, pitching projects to television channels such Discovery Group, History Channel, and Bandeirantes.

In 2012 Marco opened his own production company, Hero, where he developed a famous brazilian web series called "Coisas que Porto Alegre Fala", which later became a theatrical play directed and written by him. The stage version ran for nine nights, seen by more than 13,000 people; the final night was recorded for Netflix, as exclusive content. The project eventually aired on Globo TV in a sitcom format, breaking audience records with more than 53% of share.

At Hero, Marco developed his work including content and commercials for brands such Coca-Cola, Head & Shoulders, TED, Netshoes, and West Coast Shoes. In addition, he was a film instructor at ESPM for the past four years, teaching in a workshop created by him. In August of 2014, Marco closed his production company to dedicate himself to political campaigning for the State Office; he was the Head Director of Ana Amélia’s run, producing more than thirty episodes in only three months.

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