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Watch Systems is a leading technology partner and consultant to law enforcement nationwide. We are the industry innovator in sex offender registration, management and community notification. Our OffenderWatch® sex offender management solution has been in use in hundreds of local and state agencies of all sizes for over a decade. But Watch Systems is much more than just a vendor—we are a partner. Watch Systems is unique in the industry for creating user group forums in which our clients help shape the future of OffenderWatch®. If our clients have a way to do things better, we want to know. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to constantly improve every aspect of our product AND our service. OffenderWatch® is regularly updated to incorporate the latest user group input and legislative changes — and everyone benefits.

Watch Systems is lead – and staffed by – seasoned professionals in law enforcement operations who have expert knowledge of current sex offender laws and national reporting requirements. We are advisers to law enforcement agencies and state governments on evolving legislation trends, and we help our clients to get ahead-of-the-curve in preparing for these new mandates.

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