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  1. Wayne commented on Taiwan
    Nice reflection of Taipei and its environs! Good work.
  2. Dear Sweetgrass, Niiiiice original production! To those that claim you're just copying someone else. Nothing it truly original. We used to ski with flares to light our night skiing. ALL FUN and VERY COOL!
  3. Love the way the bass rattles my surroundings to go with the visuals!
  4. Wayne commented on Moments In China
    As the song says, 'long time no see", 10 years since I was in China, and a lot longer for most of the world. Great job as usual. If you r looking to shoot in Taiwan, with the highest mountains in Eastern Asia, Chinese culture, etc. let me know. Glad…
  5. Wayne commented on Planet Toronto
    Beautiful rendition of our town! Great planning and patience! Must have taken ages to do.