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Carlsbad, CA

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Retired IT Services Executive of more than 34 years. Lover of technology, epicurus, fine dining, wines, travel, and great customer service.

Self-proclaimed Walt Disney World fanatic having been there more than 100 times, as well as loving anything to do with "The Mouse", aka Mickey.

Having grown up in Southern California, yet relocated numerous times over the years for business purposes across the US, he's definitely a "West Coast" kinda guy who prefers the warmer climates and friendly people, including his extended Ohana in Paradise -- better known to most people as the Hawaiian Islands.

These days, he spends quality time with his love, Belle -- an English Creme Golden Retriever. He's getting to know and love his iMac and the whole "Apple experience" after having been a PC guy since 1981 and eliminating the last remnants of that world from his life 30 years later. ...and he's beginning to get back into the DSLR thing with the goal of improving his photography and post processing skills after many years of point 'n shoot bliss.

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