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Golden is what shines in things.
Golden is the glow of things we love.
Golden is the sun on a warm summer´s day.
Golden is the night after a long, long way.
Golden is reaching the mountain´s top.
Golden is the ocean´s glitter during sunrise.
Golden is the blinding sunlight on your skin.
Golden is the magic of a clear full moon.
Golden is the smell of fresh spring flowers.
Golden is the sound of an ice cube cracking in a cool beverage.
Golden is a hot shower on a winter´s day.
Golden is the unconditional love of an animal you care for.
Golden is the innocent honesty of a child.
Golden is the sound of friends.
Golden is faith in them.
Golden is the way a long awaited first date feels.
Golden is a smile without reason.
Golden is a caring hug.
Golden is laughter.
Golden is silence.
Golden is coming home.
Golden is wherever you are.
Berlin can be. Outside can be - you choose to be inside.
Golden is everything that you want it to be.

I am Golden. You are Golden. We Are Golden.

Golden is an Electropop duo from Berlin consisting of Kathrin Georg (Songwriter, Singer) and Bastian Fruhner (Songwriter, Producer).
Golden has previously done some music for other artists in form of remixes, doing works for Flashguns, In Golden Tears, Deine Jugend, etc.

Their first own single “Summer” was released on 2011/08/14.
Their second single "Release" was released on 2012/11/02.
The first (self-titled) EP was released on 2012/12/12 and is available through

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