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  1. 20:54

    MAC Cosmetics

    by Plus

    10 Videos

    MAC believes “It’s nice to be pretty, but it’s so much more interesting to create a persona.” For over nine years, Plus has supported MAC in further developing the brand’s…

  2. 08:44


    by Plus

    5 Videos

    Since 2008, we’ve partnered with Kiehl’s to tell their rich brand story—rooted in adventure, philanthropy, science and a quirky downtown attitude. We bring the brand to life through…

  3. 02:10


    by Plus

    4 Videos

    Plus and Nike have collaborated for well over a decade, working across guerilla, retail and Nike’s marketing department globally. Though every project we’ve done with Nike has been different,…

  4. 04:56

    Starwood Preferred Guest

    by Plus

    1 Video

    As a part of our ongoing relationship with Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Plus provides the editorial strategy and content creation supporting the Starwood’s Preferred Guest (SPG) program via…

  5. 01:30


    by Plus

    1 Video

    Plus helped AMC define their editorial voice to be positioned as experts in classic entertainment through curation of iconic images, quotes and themes.

  6. 00:51

    The Electric Company

    by Plus

    0 Videos

    In preparation for the relaunch of the 1970s hit The Electric Company, Plus rejuvenated the brand to appeal to a new audience, a new generation.

  7. 01:40

    NYC Gamefinder App

    by Plus

    0 Videos

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