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Dallas, TX

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Sore Losers “experimental” hip hop brings forth a fresh wave of music for your ears. Dallas, Texas made, Sore Losers take the experimental approach towards music, combining hip hop elements with an alternative vibe. Inspired by artists such as The Roots, Nas, MGMT, Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D., Metronomy, Foo Fighters and Gnarls Barkley, Sore Losers have created a sound that is different than any other artist, band or group in the world of rap and hip hop.

Sore Losers band has performed at major events such as the 2011 ESPYS Awards Post Celebration, 2011 SXSW Music Festival, 2011 & 2012 Sundance Film Festivals, 35 Denton Music Festival and most recently the 2012 SXSW Music Festival having garnered the attention of industry peers and tastemakers.

In 2009 Sore Losers Blue & Brown released their first EP forever changing the Dallas music scene. The Dallas Observer writes:
“The unofficial turning point for Dallas hip-hop came with the late 2009 release of Sore Losers’ Free Loaders” EP”.. Nic Hernandez, Dallas Observer.

The catalyst of a major hip hop movement, Sore Losers “Free Loaders – The Soundtrack” marked the beginning of a renaissance in Dallas hip hop and ushered in a new era of experimental hip hop that valued intellectual creativity over dance crazes." The then duo set out on a course to introduce the nation to the unique sound they created while beginning work on their sophomore project. Sore Losers authentic sound was further enhanced by the incorporation of live music which led then duo to a permanent expansion to a now six piece outfit. In 2011 Sore Losers issued its official response to “Free Loaders” with the release of the “Get A Life” Mixtape. The mixtape futher rooted the band musically in their self created experimental hip hop lane. From there, Sore Losers immediately began work on the We Are Sore Losers EP their first original live music recording with the live band. Prior to the release of their first all original live music recording project, debuted the exclusive first listen of the We Are Sore Losers EP, the lead single, "Euthanasia” and so began the official countdown to the release of the We Are Sore Losers EP.

In January 2012, and The Grammys YouTube channel exclusively debuted the "Euthanasia" music video. Sore Losers hit the road performing at the Wu-Tang Clan Rebirthed 2012 show and 2012 Sundance Film Festival. In anticipation of the EP release, Dallas Observer featured a full page print and online story detailing the band’s evolution. The highly anticipated We Are Sore Losers EP released shortly thereafter to praises acknowledging Sore Loser’s growth musically:

"Sore Losers has obtained a more complex and alternative sound compared to their days as “freeloaders,” but is growing into the development of their new musicality and representing Dallas the best way they know how. Congratulations to them for the exposure from the Grammys and Sundance; the world can finally see a masterpiece." ...Alexandria Byrd,

The beginning of February 2012 kicked off with the official We Are Sore Losers EP Release Celebration Show. Sore Losers 90 minute performance electrified the standing room only crowd and rivals many of todays’ top touring concerts.

Sore Losers recently joined fellow Texas legends Bun B and Devin the Dude on 35 Denton’s main stage to claim their rightful place as Texan hip hop pioneers.

And so the journey continues…The journey over the last year was one of perfection of craft through travels, education and study of various music genres. Sore Losers ever evolving transformation in music as extremely talented musicians and achieving musical brilliance continues to dominate the way for the Experimental Hip Hop sound they originated.

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