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tilt is a multi-disciplined digital agency based in the heart of Brighton. We have a closely integrated team of highly talented individuals whose experience spans many disciplines as well as many sectors. We believe the old style agency model doesn’t work as well as it should, so to stay ahead of the curve, we need to be relatively small and flexible; ensuring that we can best meet your needs.

Our Philosophy
Here’s one simple rule about Tilt: if you can’t make good stuff, you can’t work here. We simply do not employ people who do not have a creative background. We believe that every aspect of an agency’s work MUST be creative in some way (well, perhaps with the exception of the accounting). We need project managers. But we need Project Managers who are sensitive to the creative process. We need Account Directors – but not just Account Directors who care about the bottom line.

Maybe we’re naïve but this is what we believe: If you put creativity first, all the time, every time, it pays off.

Our Capabilities
Here’s the tricky thing about digital – you need to be truly multi-disciplined to make it work. This is where we believe Tilt excels. We create integrated experiences and open channels for conversations that keep humans connected to brands. We develop holistic platforms and ecosystems that help brands become a lovable part of their audience’s everyday lives and we believe these solutions are great value for money

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