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Expedition support company with a support, transport and guide truck to give assistance to groups of outdoor acitivities like bikers, offroaders, motorcyclers, kayakers, kite surfers, surfers, hikers, trekkers, mountaineers, bird watching, horsing, geologists, archeologists, backpackers, swimmers, nature observers, alpinists, miners, sailers, everything.
Production of live and recorded video for TV and news teams are also our job.
We operate in Brazil and in all South American countries.
We work as a guide & support truck for groups and also provide customized solutions to transport water, meals, gear, tents, equipments, mobile kitchen, bathing and clothes cleaning, wokshop equipment for all kind of activities, mainly outdoor activities.
All South America.
We offer customized solutions for all kind of necessities.
Some months of advance is need for scheduling.
Service rental of truck and crew, and the path of the expedition must be be defined and detalied before arrangement.
Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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