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Fetch delivers IKEA furniture to the Memphis area.

Three guys and their families took a trip to Atlanta, specifically to visit IKEA. After adding up the cost of the trip including gas, hotel, parking, and food, they realized that it gets pretty costly pretty fast. And since IKEA doesn't ship most items to Memphis (especially not big items), there were no other options.

"What if there was a service that shipped IKEA items to Memphis?" Guy 1 said. Guy 2 proceeded to slap Guy 1 upside the head and say "That's ludicrous. It'll never work." "Ouch!" said Guy 1. Guy 3 stepped in a said "Quiet the both of ya! I got a better idea. What if there was a service that shipped IKEA items to Memphis?" Guys 1 and 2 looked at each other and said "That's a great idea!" Guy 3 placed both hands on his hips and looked triumphantly toward the heavens. And thus, Fetch was born.

At Fetch, our goal is to deliver IKEA products to you as easy and as friendly as possible. If at any time you are unhappy with your experience feel free to email us and let us know.

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