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If what you are seeking is a breath-taking visual experience that is guaranteed to place you in an unassailable position in relation to your competitors, then you certainly have come to the right place. ‘Great just isn’t good enough’ therefore you shall be assisted tirelessly in your quest for a divine, eye-catching projection, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

What is on offer is the most radical and innovative of visuals- our hallmark being 3D Projection which can be delivered alongside motion graphics. These features are equally as imperious in their own right and deadly when combined.

This unique technology certainly knows of no limits. Its mechanism can be utilized on any scale. A dedicated team of professionals accompanies every venture including expert surveyors who can painstakingly ‘map’ out the face of any building or device to execute the perfect projection. This provides one with endless opportunities: the client who wishes to advertise on their own building is easily accommodated. All necessary pre-conditions for projection are taken care of including road blockages and liaison with local authorities’ thereby providing full event supervision to ensure no complications for the client.

However, the emphasis is not just to offer spectacular visuals but also to provide a distinctive tool which can become an integral part of your event. This is exactly what is offered with the touch screen interactive projection, where one can move anything projected by hand just like an iPhone or iPad. What you receive overall is a complete solution by fusing together with the theme and aim of your event, what is created is a powerful bespoke solution for live events and brand development. Quite simply- anything can be projected onto anything, there are no bounds!

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