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Meeting Brian is a study in contrasts. On the one hand, he's this 6'4" guy who is incredibly down to earth, utterly approachable and an "Average Joe" who puts people at ease the instant they meet him.

On the other hand, Brian's a creative visionary and truly innovative thinker who brings a passion and focus to his work that is unmistakable.

The contrasts are remarkable: He's attentive but artistic, imaginative but directed, carefree but intensely devoted
to his craft. The most amazing aspect of Brian is that these seemingly opposing characteristics blend together
so effortlessly.

Outside of photography, he's an accomplished mountaineer, triathlete and skilled wooden boatbuilder. He's a former Utah based ski patroller, Outward Bound Instructor, Central American river guide, US Coast Guard Captain and EMT to name a few.

Brian's academic background includes Bowdoin College and Brown University, but his photography career really began as he guided mountaineering expeditions in Nepal, Tibet and India. There he worked with and learned from famed National Geographic photographer Galen Rowell. As they traveled the western regions of Tibet and Nepal, Galen fostered Brian's development as a photographer.
"Our techniques were simple," Brian says. "We were consistently respectful, unobtrusive and friendly... no, not friendly... charming. We quietly charmed our way in (and then out) of Chinese jails, through rioting civil servants in Kathmandu and were welcomed to photograph more prohibited elements of real daily life then most folks ever get access to. It's incredible what a quick smile, a respectful nod and an unobtrusive approach can do."

Brian supports a wide base of clients around the globe on various commercial and editorial assignments. His professional goal at every shoot is to deliver more than anticipated while creatively capturing the unexpected. His personal goal is to make his clients look great and have fun
doing it. By all accounts, Brian has been quite successful at both.

With studios in San Francisco, Hawaii and the coast of Maine, Brian travels the world on behalf of his clients. When not on assignment, Brian is often found cycling the Marin Headlands near San Francisco or sailing from his home in Maine with his beautiful wife Malia and their "kids" Hoku (the wonder pup) and Jetsam (A.K.A. Kitty).

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