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Week·end - Col·li·sion [week-end, -end, kuh-lizh-uhn]
1.any two-day period taken or given regularly as a weekly rest period from one's work in which two or more bodies or particles come together with a resulting change of direction and, normally, energy.

2. When one races through the week to come violently into contact with the weekend, a period in which two or more bodies come together to share energy through music on the dancefloor.

Weekend Collision is secretly planning a musical shakedown.. Relentless in the pursuit of convincing the people that no one can live without good music, good friends and most importantly, good times..!!! Weekend Collision is a multi –purpose, no holds barred whippersnapper of climactic adventure, in other words, getting into lots of trouble, hence the good times talked about earlier.. tries to snort cherry bomb panties and chokes on vodka flavored bra strap.. please stop swinging from that giant disco ball.. no you can't ride the llama thru the hotel.. holy mother of fuck I think you just hurt that prostitute.. my god man can you please stop stealing the free jelly.. you say you wanna ride that dark tsunami..? you heard the kids want that wicked bass sizzle.. You wanna be hog tied and heavily saturated, dipped in sprinkles and slapped upside the head.. You wanna disturb the foundation with that throbbing contaminated bass? everybody needs shock treatment and Weekend Collision is gonna bring everyone down to the free clinic for a heavy dose.. so first, Let’s decide what moral compass is.. What it should look like, talk like, accept, refuse, worship and deny… it’s no longer up for discussion because WE ARE NO LONGER SHEEP!!!

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