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We Have Signal is APT’s new live episodic music program filmed exclusively at the BottleTree Café in Birmingham, AL. The series features new and innovative bands from around the state, the country and even the world. A new episode of We Have Signal airs weekly at 10PM on Thursday nights, followed by encore presentation of the previous week’s episode at 10:30. Each week’s new episode also airs at 11PM on Sunday evening.

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  1. Daniel Henry
  2. BRTHR
  3. drew bourdet
  5. steve annis
  6. Dillon Hayes
  7. jonathan purvis
  8. Jim Roberson
  9. Mike Cunlffe
  10. Michael Paul Grady
  11. Young Bear
  12. Sean
  13. Joshua Thomas
  14. katepolis
  15. David Salinas
  16. carole clark
  17. Mr. Estupendo
  18. Miss Triumph

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