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Weissman Studio is on the vanguard of a new generation of digital content and visual storytellers that is breaking the barriers between the artistic and commercial, the mainstream and independent. The Studio partners with clients across a range of industries –commercial and industrial film, broadcast and print media, and advertising – providing visual and conceptual content that stands out in our ever-changing visual environment.

Under the direction of award-winning photographer/filmmaker Nicholas Weissman, the Studio has led projects from commercial rebranding to time-sensitive feature video pieces for major print and network news outlets. Clients have included Sony Pictures, National Geographic Channel, Time Magazine, HBO, Nike, Intel, Microsoft, and many others. The Studio’s versatile capacities include start-to-finish broadcast and commercial video production, high-end digital photography, and concept-to-completion internet advertising campaigns. Whether it’s cinematography, production, art direction, editing, or still photography - we bring ideas, vision, and ingenuity.

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