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My name is Lynn Weissman, and I love mixing the art and science of video production to tell a good story. I get to be both a geek and an empathetic human being. You can email me at lynn@weisswomanproductions.com

I am a Cinematographer, Editor, Producer. I especially love shooting documentaries, artists, and 'real life,' though I make videos about all kinds of things. I shoot with many video cameras, including a Sony PMW-200 and DSLR Video (Canon 5DIII, Rebel T2i, T31, and T4i), capturing sound with a Zoom H4N recorded. I edit in Final Cut Pro 7. You can view some of my work on the Vimeo link above.

My video projects have won festival, competition, and grant awards; aired on public and cable television, and screened nationwide and in Canada. Whether I'm shooting behind the lens, editing, or producing, I have the remarkable privilege of bearing witness to many extraordinary stories and events, and meeting extraordinary people - and the helping to tell their stories.

I launched Weisswoman Productions in 2002, after earning my second Master's degree: an M.S. in in Philanthropy and Media from the Visionaries Institute at Suffolk University, with a full merit scholarship through the generosity of actor Sam Waterston. I hold another M.S. in Public Health from UMass Amherst (1992). My undergraduate studies were in both Psychology and Biology at SUNY Albany, where I almost had a minor in English.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Queens, grew up in Albany, leaned left in Amherst, and might grow old in the Boston area. I spent my formative summers at sleep-away camps (Wel-Met and Camp Leah) up in the Catskills.

I am an extreme commuter-cyclist and bicycle-pedestrian advocate. My awesome partner, Joel, and I live in Somerville with our rambunctious identical twin sons, and our once-feral-now-tame MamaCat.

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