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Antwerp, Belgium

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Wendy Wuyts is a film maker and writer from Belgium with a Bsc degree in geography (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) and a diploma in film making (Prague Film School), with specialisation in editing and writing. When she was 16, she wrote theater plays which are performed in the Netherlands. She worked in the post production of a television program for Belgium's biggest channel. At the moment she is an intern for Zapomatik, the production house of Johan Grimonprez. Apart from that, she makes small videos for websites.
She is also active in EGEA, the European Association for Geography students and Young Geographers. She calls herself an ecofeminist using media to create a world with more empathy for each other's diversity, where there is no division between man&woman, east&west, nature&culture... You can read more about her ideas in her blog: koruaihe.blogspot.be (Dutch).
Before her 25th birthday, she has been in more than 50 countries, like Colombia, Israel, Russia, New Zealand and Pakistan. Some of her photographs are published in DAWN, the biggest English news from Pakistan. She is working on her first short movie and her first documentary, which are both part of her "my bloody nature" project.

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