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Holly Daggers is a live-video artist who creates and composes visual media in real time. She’s performed as a concert VJ for Busta Rhymes, James Brown, Page McConnell, Moby, and T.I., and was voted a Top 20 VJ worldwide by DJ Magazine, UK. She has designed video environments for Fortune Magazine and Old Navy, and created interactive video installations for the Museum of Modern Art, NY. Holly collaborates with musicians and choreographers presenting her media performances in both art gallery and theatrical settings, and has opened her shooting studio to create Dance on Video as a hybrid performance venue.

In 2006, Holly traveled to 34 cities with music acts featuring Ludacris, The Roots, Common, Talib Kwali, Pharcyde, and Blackalicious, creating opportune art performances by pulling members of the hip hop audience into her live chromakey rig. As co-director with Eric Dunlap of Forward Motion Theater, a non-profit arts organization, she developed EyeWash, a six-year performance series which has fostered interdisciplinary collaborations between more than 150 digital media artists and live performers.

Holly is supported by Edirol/Roland, Korg, and Reflecmedia. Her portfolio and other visual interests can be found at WetCircuit.com.

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