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toy cameras, expired film, coffee, trains, silence, science, telling truth or not telling anything, being invisible and getting noticed, t-shirts with pictures, black clothes, popcorn and movies, talking all night and sleeping all day, spring and fall, fluorescence microscopy, being arrested for a good reason, daydreaming, lanterns, forest, being drug expert without taking them, color pencils, science, industrial climbing, protecting life, poker, little boys, fascination, procrastination, random decisions, rich inner life, desire, plant physiology, being in love and not telling anyone, absinth, matchbox pinhole, ukulele, ginger ale, deep sky objects, lo-fi music, turntable, gourmet smoker, vanderlust, toy musical instruments, hookah, bokeh, puer aeternus, fragile, suffering quietly.
De gustibus non est disputandum.

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