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I love to storm chase, take pictures, and travel. I am a nice person to hang out with. I really love weather, nature and sunsets :) I'm a current part-time college student. However whenever I got time to spare and when the weather starts being stormy, I then have the opportunity to do what I love to do: storm chase! There is so much to explore yet in life! Here are some things I would be glad to see in real life... - Lightning storm, in which flashes of lightning are constant. - Lightning storm viewed from an airplane. - A sunset (if possible, an ocean sunset) viewed from riding an airplane. - An ocean sunrise. - Planetary alignments (luckily achieved on November 30 and December 31, 2008). - An ocean moonset!...I can keep going! Yup, I really love nature as you can see :)

What I want to be:
--> Storm Chaser/Weather Spotter
--> Photographer/Videographer


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