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What A Funk?! is the scream for rebellion of an Urban Tribe. On the stage, the What A Funk?! are warriors fighting with their best weapon, the music. They fight against impositions of our society, contaminated by sadness and fake ideals, a disrispectful society that infest nature. On their faces glowing signs of tribal war masks that make the What A Funk?! ready for fighting untill they have no more forces, with powerful and dirty Crossover, that mixes the melody of Grunge with the craziness of Funk, Hip Hop lyrics together with painful screams and tribal chorus, they make the listener to think and invite him to join their tribe and fight together. Gifted with an explosive scenic personallity, theatrical and of an involving impact, which blends perfectly with the tunes, created to be performed LIVE
we are a fuckin' fist of funk!!! we're gonna funk 'em all
To book or contact us: whatafunk@live.it

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