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I was born on 12th July 1983 in Munich. After my Abitur I had different jobs in the film and TV industry.
At the age of 21 I started my first round-the-world trip which lasted three years. On my way I had several occasional jobs to pick up a livelihood such as working in a beach bar in Thailand or harvesting fruits in Australia.
Eventually the point came when I had to decide what my future life should look like. I didn’t want to harvest fruits for the next 20 years or do other unqualified jobs. I had two choices: I could either go back to Germany and start studying and go “the normal way” or I could become a professional adventurer and share my experiences with other people. I chose to live my dream and became an adventurer – much to the chagrin of my grandparents!
After my return in September 2007 the preparations for my first travel-film-project started. Most people thought I was crazy when I told them, that I was intending to cycle from Munich to Singapore on my own and make a movie about my trip. I did it anyway and started on 2nd May 2008 and arrived 211 days later in Singapore. At the end of my journey I had more than 80 hours of footage and at the beginning of 2009 I started to edit the movie. Seven months later the documentary was finished. Meanwhile the film was shown on six national and international film festivals and won three awards. The DVD is available in the shop (German language only)
Today I work as a professional adventurer and earn my money with selling my DVDs and presenting my live slideshows.

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