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who we are. ---- whateverandeveramen. is a project-based ensemble dedicated to the performance of high quality choral literature of varied styles from all musical eras. While you may be familiar with much of the repertoire we perform, it is our goal to present the music in settings and venues which are not necessarily typical for choral music, and to create a context which inspires a new appreciation for the piece. It is our hope that rather than a fan base of listeners, our audiences will become actively engaged in our music-making community.

whateverandeveramen. is borrowed from a lyric by Ben Folds and is reinterpreted as a statement of faith, reflection, and finding a sense of inner peace in the face of adversity. Here, faith is not viewed as belonging to any particular set of beliefs but a faith in our own journey. It is the belief that whatever challenges we may face, life will find a way to work itself out. This ensemble uses music as a means of expressing this sentiment as we reflect upon life’s journey and the inevitable bumps along the way.

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