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"WHAT IS A? Arts education for children and youth"

WHAT IS A goal is to improve arts education for children and youth

1- Research on arts education for children and youth as part of democratic society.
2- Promote and participate in site-specific projects of arts education for children and youth.

WHAT IS A aims on arts education for children and youth

1- Develop artistic skills, knowledge and understanding.
2- Enhancement, self-confindece and self-esteem.
3- Promote lifelong learning through the arts.

WHAT IS A founded and/or collaborates with projects


WHAT IS ARCHITECTURE? makes Architecture accessible to children and awakens their curiosity about their environment in terms of space, tectonics and urban design. Project created by Jorge Raedó. Premiere: July 2009, Barcelona. whatisarchitecture.org/

RAKENNETAAN KAUPUNKI! joins opera, video and architecture to teach children the essence of the collaborative work and community life. Project created by Maria Nordin. Premiere: March 2012, Helsinki.

WHAT IS ASHEVILLE?. Living Game in the streets of Asheville using Cell phones, GPS, text messaging and mission-driven exploration. Middle schoolers from various neighborhoods of Asheville engage their city collecting obstacles and opportunities. Project created by Martha Skinner. Premiere: April 2011, Asheville.

¿QUÉ ES ARTE CONTEPORÁNEO? enhances critical thinking of children and youth and their reflection about the world around them. The video-camara is the main tool for the analysis. inmaparra.blogspot.com/p/que-es-arte-contemporaneo.html

KAMBA ZAKA develops architectonic and social skills between the children of Koudougou, Burkina Faso. Project by Laafi and directed by the architect Albert Faus. Premiere: August 2011

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