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With a confidence devoid of stylish swagger and arrogant ego, five normal guys stroll on stage and are transformed at the count of 1. Aaron Vegas’ soaring vocals command the strip as guitarists Steve Ervinck and Billy Black emphasize with riffs that glow like neon lights. Filled out by Ron Robinson’s gambling bass lines and Nick Macklem’s high-rolling fills and beats, it is undeniable that this band is Metro Detroit’s best kept secret; but this secret won’t stay. Introducing…What Happened In Vegas.

A secret yes, having yet to reveal the true story behind their name, the players want you to step inside, come close, and let them lay out their sleeper hand of pulsing pop rock at the game table to indulge your desires. Dealing out mystery at every corner, What Happened In Vegas released their new 6-track demo, to the surprise of all, for free on MySpace on June 23, 2008. The self-titled effort featured well over 3000 downloads on its first day alone and has sold nearly 400 copies regionally in only two months since its release. “We are so overwhelmed by the response to the music so far,” comments Ervinck, “ and feel very fortunate to be where we are at this time, but have no plans of sitting still.” WHIV’s captivating performances have proven them worthy cast for main events Emery, The Ataris, Push Play, Forever the Sickest Kids, Craig Owens, and the Sleeping to name a handful. Stepping in and out of the bright lights, it’s a guarantee that WHIV’s stylish rock presence will impress like a slight of hand. But make no mistake, What Happened In Vegas is more than spectacle as the song “Attention Attention” proclaims, “With this pen, I’ll show the world what I can do with it, tomorrow won’t see the light of day, we’ll show them all.” Show them they will, but until that day impatience will thrive and anticipation will build for What Happened In Vegas to turn that final card.

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