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We're video experts specialising in true stories, change & community-building.

We believe that creating change needs trusted relationships. Trust stems from 'conversations from the heart'. The most powerful way to spark or influence these conversations is with stories. True stories.
We believe that the digital world has turned all forms of media into conversations and that ‘conversations from the heart’ are the currency of change.

We believe that creating successful, sustainable change demands narratives that people want to experience, share & be a part of.

We believe that the digital revolution has created mainstream access to the tools of change. The only barrier that remains is the willingness to share ones' vision & heart.

Mobile broadband is the fastest growing technology in the history of mankind and as its speeds increase video is becoming the dominant method of sharing ideas and experiences. We believe that digital video literacy will become as crucial to leading and influencing in the digital age, as text-based literacy was in recent centuries.

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