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is an International contest for young rising artists, a singular event open to artists, art dealers, journalists and critics to act as a springboard in the difficult business of the arts. The show, at its second edition, was born for the growing need of releasing a new generation of creative young people. Milan has become the symbol of a new and fresh talent, it is the place where people feel a creative will to overcome their limits as never as before.

- to support the training of young artists;
- to enrich the skills through new collaboration experiences thanks to the association with artists from all around the world;
- to plan a new exposition project, completely new because it is the meeting of different subjects;
- to open new business with critics, art dealers, public or private cultural institutions;
- to simplify access to the entry in the art business.

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  1. Carlos De Carvalho
  2. Theodore Ushev
  3. Ülo Pikkov
  4. Soyoung Hyun
  5. Ariel
  6. Denis Borisovich
  7. Bruce W. Berry Jr
  8. Evan Viera
  9. Emily Kai Bock
  10. Dustin Cohen
  11. Carl Roosens
  12. Luis Suárez
  13. Ian Durkin
  14. Jordan Bahat
  15. Ian Wittenber
  16. Planet Money
  17. Robert Howsare
  18. Jesse Rosten

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